Podcast Trailer

Podcast Trailer

Are you a busy travel agent in Australia or New Zealand keen to stay ahead?

Tune into Travel Agent Takeaways, your go-to podcast for bite-sized supplier updates on the go.

In this trailer, host Charlie Trevena introduces the podcast’s mission to provide quick chats with industry reps, sales managers, and other travel industry legends, delivering the latest news, tips, and insights direct from the source.

This podcast can keep you informed whether you’re in the office, out for your morning walk or commuting, or even on your travels. Travel Agent Takeaways is designed to complement your existing online and in-person training, offering the flexibility to learn at your convenience.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your knowledge. Follow and subscribe to Travel Agent Takeaways on your favourite podcast channel to receive the latest updates and insights directly to your device. By subscribing, you’ll ensure you never miss an episode, helping you stay informed to better service your clients and grow your travel business.

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