Rocky Mountaineer: Rockies to the Red Rocks

Rocky Mountaineer: Rockies to the Red Rocks

Length 16min. Recorded: 16/06/2022

The 2022 Rocky Mountaineer season is underway in both Western Canada and South West USA with Aussies and Kiwis back on the train! As we continue our 2022 season we are excited to launch our 2023 program including fresh new packages tailor made to provide the best guest experience for all guests travelling with Rocky Mountaineer.
The All Aboard promotion provides clients with a discount up to $1,000 CAD per couple on their 2023 package subject to terms and conditions.
Millie recently travelled on the new Rocky Mountaineer ‘Rockies to the Red Rocks’ route in Colorado and Utah, and shares her amazing first-hand experience.

Presented by Millie Browne, Sales Manager

This recording was part of the live BYO Coffee Cluster Series

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