Okinawa Tourism & Hoshino Resorts

Okinawa Tourism & Hoshino Resorts

Length 30min. Recorded: 13/12/2022

Following his recent trip to Japan, Antonio shows how the islands of Okinawa are as diverse as they are plentiful. Stretching from the main island in the north to Ishigaki and beyond in the south, there are 160 islands large and small, inhabited and uninhabited. Authentic Okinawan experiences await, with cultural treasures, outdoor adventure, stunning accommodation options and world-class diving just some of the draws.
Yusuke showcases the stunning range of Hoshino properties in Okinawa and how you can book and add these to your Okinawa itineraries.

Presented by Antonio Khattar, Okinawa Tourism & Yusuke Harada, Hoshino Resorts

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