Los Angeles: Back to Basics

Los Angeles: Back to Basics

Length 30min. Recorded: 8/2/2024

Home to near-perfect weather, 121 kilometers of shoreline, more museums than any other U.S. city, and an award-winning culinary scene, Los Angeles presents endless possibilities for visitors. LA is an ever-evolving city with new experiences and attractions opening regularly, so it’s important for travel agents to stay up to date.

Catch up with our local LA expert and representative, Kathleen Brown, to get reacquainted with LA as well as top tips to equip you for 2024 USA inquiries, covering hotels, neighbourhoods, sample itineraries, LAX, and more…

Trade Website: discoverlosangeles.com/travel-trade
California Star Program: star.visitcalifornia.com
LA Perks Pass: discoverlosangeles.com/laperkspass
Contact: oceania@latourism.org or  kbrown@latourism.org

This is a recording of a Live 25 update.

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