Ireland Mini Series: Part 2

Ireland Mini Series: Part 2

Length 13min. Recorded: September 2022

Part 2: Ireland’s Ancient East & Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

Ireland’s Ancient East
At first sight, Ireland’s Ancient East is a tranquil and beautiful land of rolling green hills, charming towns and quiet waters, all framed by the River Shannon and the Irish Sea. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a region that ripples with over 5,000 years of history. There are compelling characters and ancient mysteries, hidden stories and millennia-old myths.

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands
Here, amidst a natural wonderland of rivers, canals and lakes, the world slows down. Defined by its connection to both water and land and heralded for its pure beauty, Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands is a destination that basks in nature, with under-the-radar experiences that feel like you’re getting to the real heart of Ireland.

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