Hong Kong Series: Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong Series: Cathay Pacific

Length 9min. Recorded: 13/02/2024

Cathay Pacific
Reaching up to 70% of network capacity compared to pre-COVID Cathay Pacific is now focused on returning to 100% in 2024. This update covers add on fares including the popular Trans-Atlantic add ons, Asia Side Trips and Japan add ons.

Presented by Melanie Thompson, Cathay Pacific Trade Sales Manager for WA and SA.

Trade Website AU: cxagents.com/ta/en_AU/welcome
Contact AU: customerservice_au@cathaypacific.com
Trade Website NZ: cxagents.com/ta/en_NZ/welcome
Contact NZ: customerservice_nz@cathaypacific.com

This recording was part of the monthly Hong Kong live webinar series.

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