East Coast USA Series: Boston

East Coast USA Series: Boston

Length 13min. Recorded: 13/07/2023

Meet Boston, presented by Stacy Thornton
This beautiful coastal city is one of the most innovative cities in the world, a true leader in education, medicine, science, and technology. The city’s top-notch art, music and cultural venues, family attractions, and culinary experiences, from fruity, juicy, hazy New England IPAs to fresh lobster, oysters, and seafood, make Boston an exciting destination year-round. Visitors delight in Boston’s clean, walkable streets; its many park, river and harbour trails, fun-on-the-water activities of all kinds, and 23 distinct neighborhoods that prove Boston Never Gets Old.

Website: meetboston.com
Contact: sthornton@meetboston.com

This recording was part of the live 2-week East Coast USA webinar series.

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