Canada Specialist Program: Parks Canada & ITAC

Canada Specialist Program: Parks Canada & ITAC

Length 26min. Recorded: 11/08/2021

Welcome to the 2021 CSP Webinar Program, brought to you by Destination Canada!

1. Parks Canada, presented by Jennifer Burnell
Take a cross-country tour of culture and history with Parks Canada! Learn about our favourite cultural and historical places, including those with Indigenous connections. With over 200 protected places featuring diverse culture and history across the country, 450 000 km2 of memories await your clients!

2. ITAC, presented by Jason Picard-Binet
There are over 1900 Indigenous tourism businesses in Canada. Of these, we have more than 200 businesses that meet export-ready criteria and are willing to work with travel trade to welcome your visitors.

This recording was part of the fortnightly live CSP webinar series.


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