CSP: Ottawa & Ontario’s Highlands

CSP: Ottawa & Ontario’s Highlands

Length 26min. Recorded: 5/10/2022

Welcome to the 2022 CSP Webinar Program, brought to you by Destination Canada

Ottawa Tourism, presented by Nicole Graves
Discover some of Ottawa’s new and upcoming activities and events!
Website: ottawatourism.ca/en
Trade Website: ottawatourism.ca/en/travel-trade
Contact: ngraves@ottawatourism.ca

Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization, presented by Holly Blefgen
Discover the fabric of rural Ontario’s diverse culture and heritage woven through the lives and stories of our Indigenous People, early settlers and the towns and villages connected to natural and man-mad waterways, rail lines and country roads.
Website: comewander.ca
Trade Website: ohtraveltrade.ca
Contact: trade@ohto.ca

This recording was part of the fortnightly live CSP webinar series. Become a Canada Specialist: canadaspecialist.com.au

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