CSP: Ontario & Toronto

CSP: Ontario & Toronto

Length 29min. Recorded: 21/04/2022

Welcome to the 2022 CSP Webinar Series, brought to you by Destination Canada

1. Destination Ontario (00.00 – 17.18)
Discover a world in Ontario, Canada – home to world-famous icons and awe-inspiring nature, vibrant communities and pristine wilderness, hidden gems and unexpected experiences.
Wander off the beaten path to discover our distinctive culture and inventive cuisine. Encounter welcoming locals, proud to share their stories. Ontario is sure to satisfy the outdoor adventurer, passionate foodie and cultural explorer in all of us.
Website: destinationontario.com
Contact: sonya.stevenson@ontario.ca

2. Destination Toronto (18.28 – 29.24)
As Canada’s largest city and most-visited destination, Toronto is famous for its progressiveness and diversity – home to more than 230 nationalities and 200 languages and dialects. Visitors will appreciate the ability to combine iconic and cultural attractions (such as the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum) with culinary and urban outdoor experiences.
Plus shopping, performing arts, major sports and a year round line-up of festivals & events!
Website: destinationtoronto.com

Both updates presented by Sonya Stevenson, Destination Ontario. This recording was part of the fortnightly live CSP webinar series.

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