CSP: ITAC & Parks Canada

CSP: ITAC & Parks Canada

Length 28min. Recorded: 27/07/2022
Welcome to the 2022 CSP Webinar Program, brought to you by Destination Canada

1. Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, presented by Tamara Littlelight
The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is a non-profit, industry association working to develop and support Indigenous-led economic developments through tourism.
Indigenous tourism has the power to change perspectives, preserve culture, language and community and provide our relatives with the platform to be the leading voice in reclaiming our space in ancient and modern history. Our ancestors have been sharing with and welcoming visitors to our traditional territories since time immemorial. Our communities are guided by values of respect, honor and integrity, and tourism experiences demonstrate how Indigenous communities, both urban and rural, welcome visitors to learn and share.
Website: destinationindigenous.ca
Contact: tamara@indigenoustourism.ca 

2. Parks Canada, presented by Antoine Allard
Learn about the sustainable ways to travel in Canada! We will take a look at sustainability through the Parks Canada lens, the different sides of Canada, and a few other things involving sustainability. 450 000 km2 of memories await your clients!
Website: pc.gc.ca/en/voyage-travel/voyagistes-traveltrade

This recording was part of the fortnightly live CSP webinar series.

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