CSP: British Columbia & Vancouver

CSP: British Columbia & Vancouver

Length 29min. Recorded: 06/04/2022

Welcome to the 2022 CSP Webinar Series, brought to you by Destination Canada

1. Destination British Columbia, presented by Joanne Motta
Joanne tells us all about the launch of a new consumer campaign….”The BC Effect”.
British Columbia reminds you that you belong in the wild. Here, on Canada’s west coast, nature and culture welcome you in to explore not just new sights but new sides of yourself.
Website: hellobc.com/bceffect
Contact: joanne.motta@destinationbc.com.au

2. Destination Vancouver, presented by Gia Borja
Gia gives us an update on the key selling points of Vancouver.
Learn about the different neighborhoods, along with different experiences and attractions.
Gia also highlights some products that are new or have been re-launched.
Vancouver Specialist Program: destinationvancouver.com/vsp
This recording was part of the fortnightly live CSP webinar series.

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