50 Degrees North

50 Degrees North

Length 27min. Recorded: 21/02/2023

Find Your Nordic Adventure
50 Degrees North offers authentic tours and adventures to Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the High Arctic and the Baltics. Presented by Tietse Stelma, CEO & Co-Founder of 50 Degrees North and local representative, Michelle Daniels, learn about:

– Havila, a proud partner of 50 Degrees North with four new ships following the Kystruten route of Norway.
– Exclusive 50 Degrees North product on offer throughout the region including Premium Mini-Coach Tours.

Trade Resources
Website: fiftydegreesnorth.com
Reservations: 1300 422 821 / info@fiftydegreesnorth.com
Trade Website: fiftydegreesnorth.com/au/agents
50 Degrees North Trade Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/50DNTravelAgents
Agent Sales Support: info@evolutiontc.com.au

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