Smart Trips

Smart Trips

Length 29min. Recorded: 12/10/2021 The App Built By Travel Agents. For Travel Agents. Smart Trips is a cutting edge mobile app that allows your travel business to provide next level interaction, engagement and service to your clients. Instead of searching through emails to keep track of travel bookings, printing out bulky travel wallets or spending…

Tour Atlas

Length 12 mins. Recorded 23/7/2020 Crossing the Digital Divide. It is more important than ever for travel businesses to adapt to and increase their digital presence. Tour Atlas is at the forefront of moving touring and travel agencies into the digital era. Learn more from Co-Founder Alex Obleshchuk 


Length 18 mins. Recorded 28/5/2020 Learn from Minna Monghan, Director Business Development Australia, about air passenger rights and legislation around the world and how these affect your customers. Find out about the airlines’ responsibilities during and after disruption; and how you can provide additional help to your customers with AirHelp flight compensation services.…