Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

Length 18 mins. Recorded 25/6/2020 Aloha and welcome aboard Hawaiian Airlines, join Jenny Edmunds, National Account Manager, and settle in enjoy that virtual Mai Tai whilst you listen to our update on our Product and Services. Hear what’s in place to keep our guests and staff safe, our current waiver policy and the tools available…

Cathay Pacific

Length 12 mins. Recorded 4/6/2020 Check-in for the latest news from Cathay Pacific with Melanie Thompson, Trade Account Manager WA What ticket flexibilities are in place? Where to find that information? How we are protecting passengers and crew on board? www.cxagents.com


Length 18 mins. Recorded 28/5/2020 Learn from Minna Monghan, Director Business Development Australia, about air passenger rights and legislation around the world and how these affect your customers. Find out about the airlines’ responsibilities during and after disruption; and how you can provide additional help to your customers with AirHelp flight compensation services. www.airhelp.com minna.monaghan@airhelp.com…