Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines

Length 14min. Recorded: 12/11/2020 Introducing Delta CareStandard. Find out what Delta are doing to support you and your travellers during this time. Delta are excited to welcome the A350 to the Australian market, announce a recent increase to their current flying schedule and introduce you to Delta CareStandard. Presented by Nicole Laurie, National Account Manager…


Length 12min. Recorded: 05/11/2020 Fly better with EK. Watch this update from Sales Exec Tracey Bethune on how flying with EK looks at present and the benefits of selling EK.


Length 15 mins. Recorded: 27/8/2020 Finnair is a modern premium network airline, member of oneworld, specialising in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe. Finnair is one of the world’s oldest airlines, created in 1923. The company has grown from a small airline to a strong and respected member of the international airline industry….

Etihad Airways

Length 14 mins. Recorded: 13/8/2020 Etihad Wellness. We’re taking extra steps to make sure you feel safe and well when you travel. Alongside our extensive sanitisation and safety programme, we’ve introduced new initiatives to limit touchpoints and allow for more distance between you and other guests. Learn more from Michael Krywyn, Account Manager VIC.…